Directors Marguerite Van Cook and James Romberger for Cover Magazine by Karen Ogle, 1985


Edward Brezinski: The Drunkenness of Noah, 1985


Peggy Cyphers from Text/Texture, 1985


Phase 2 from Abstract Techo-Symbolism, 1985


Sharp and Delta Dos from Abstract Techo-Symbolism, 1985


James Romberger, 1986


You Killed Me First by David Wojnarowicz and Richard Kern, 1985-86


Dragan Ilic: Aesthetics of Outer Space, 1986


Marguerite Van Cook: Cold War, 1986


Mike Osterhaut: Hell, 1986


Luis Frangella, 1986


Christof Kohlhofer, 1986


David West: Uncle Harry Lake, 1986


David Wojnarowicz: Portrait of Bishop Landa from Mexican Diaries, 1987

Wojnarowicz at Ground Zero

You Killed Me First on YouTube

Kohlhofer promo

Brezinski invite, 1987

Photos: Karen Ogle


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